Diploma  in COVID-19 (Coronavirus) Awareness:



The world has seen a dramatic change in the last few months. The world as we know it no longer seems to exist. A pandemic that started in Wuhan China in 2019 is raging and has globally affected close to 3 million people. There have been close to 270,000 deaths recorded according to the latest statistics. Over 210 countries and territories have been affected. People are afraid and feel helpless at this challenging time. If you want to educate yourself on this novel virus, on what measures to take to stay safe, and adhere to the proper guidelines, we have just the course for you. The Diploma  in COVID-19 (Coronavirus) Awareness will give learners a clearer perception of the disease. This course is beneficial particularly to healthcare workers, care workers and those on the frontlines facing the pandemic head on. Additionally, it is ideal for anyone who requires more information on the Coronavirus and how to lead a normal life while socially distancing at home. Acquire accurate and up to date information, learn how to keep yourself and your loved ones safe and get ready to enter the new world which is under lockdown.

This is a comprehensive course and offers key points on the Wuhan virus and how to take precautionary measures by staying at home. It is a step by step training that provides a background to the virus, an understanding of quarantine and isolation and learning the difference, pathogen characteristics, and common symptoms, transmission of the virus, who is at risk and who can catch it. The course will also demonstrate why it is essential that you wear a mask in public, how to practice good hygiene etiquette at home and in public and appropriate cleaning and disinfection methods to use.

The COVID-19 Awareness Diploma will also focus on preparing your food safely, how to go out in public, travel advice and why you should postpone your travels, symptomatic transmission, pre-symptomatic and asymptomatic transmission, developing symptoms and what measures to take in such situations, myths of COVID-19 and what is real. You will also learn how to wash your hands fittingly and disinfect surfaces in the house through in-depth image demonstrations and explanations.


Diploma in COVID-19 (Coronavirus) Awareness online uk

  • 6 months