Adolescent Health Fellowship

  • 250 hours of learning content - flexible you can begin any time
  • Case-study based assessment
  • Course certified by International Academy -London
  • Relevant to healthcare professionals working with young people across the world
  • Covers wide-ranging issues, from mental health to communicating with young people
  • Highly interactive content, with video clips, case studies and questions

This Adolescent Health programme is designed for health professionals who work with young people.It is relevant to health visitors, nurses, general and family practitioners, and paediatricians globally.

Highly interactive training on teen health

The high-quality content covers a variety of topics and teenage health problems, such as mental health, health promotion, self-harm, obesity, sexual health and communicating with young people. It includes a wide range of interactive features, such as case studies and video clips, which provide invaluable insights into the views of young people and healthcare professionals on these key issues.

Developed in the UK but relevant globally

This adolescent health course has been written by subject-matter specialists from a broad range of disciplines. It has been developed in the UK by the Royal College of Paediatrics and Child Health, Health Education England e-Learning for Healthcare and various other leading professional bodies.

Easy online access

The content is available online so you can study in the workplace, at home or on the move and fit the e-learning around your busy professional life.

The programme can be used in conjunction with the other programmes in the Healthy Child 0-18 Series: the Healthy Child Programme (0 to 5 years) and the Healthy School Child Programme (5 to 12 years)

Adolescent Health fellowship

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  • The Adolescent Health programme includes 13 modules that are divided up into 70 bite-sized e-learning sessions. These sessions are split into four different levels to suit the needs of a variety of health professionals.

    Module 1 – Introduction: Health and Illness in Adolescence

    • Introduction to Adolescent Health and Illness
    • Guidance and Policy for Young People's Health
    • Investing in Adolescent Health

    Module 2: Healthy Development

    • Healthy Development in Adolescence
    • Concepts of Puberty
    • Pubertal Assessment
    • Psychosocial Development
    • Social Development
    • Assessing Development Stage

    Module 3: The Legal Framework

    • The Legal Framework for Working with Young People
    • Assessing Competence in Young People
    • Confidentiality in Consultations and in Health Services
    • Confidentiality: Formal and Accidental Disclosure
    • Giving and Getting Consent
    • Ethics: Background and its Importance
    • Ethics: Using the Deliberative Process
    • Safeguarding Adolescents

    Module 4: Communication and Consultation with Young People

    • Communication Skills in Young People
    • Health Communication and Young People: Setting the Scene
    • Gathering Information and Exploring Sensitive Issues
    • Explaining and Consent
    • Motivating and Empowering

    Module 5: Health Promotion and Advocacy

    • Health Promotion in Young People
    • Health Promotion in Clinical Consultations

    Module 6: Chronic Conditions and Transitions

    • The Experience of Chronic Illness and Disability During Adolescence
    • Disability in Adolescence
    • Sexuality and Health Risk Behaviours in Chronic Illness and Disability
    • The Expert Young Person/Patient
    • Transition from Child-centred to Adult-centred Health Care
    • Practical Approaches to Transition
    • Developing a Transition Programme 

    Module 7: Concordance and Adherence

    • Adherence and Concordance in Young People
    • Practical Approaches to Improving Adherence and Concordance

    Module 8: Youth Friendly Services

    • Introduction to Youth Friendly Services
    • Community-based Drop-in Services for Young People
    • Designing Innovative Services for Young People
    • Making Hospital Services Youth Friendly

    Module 9: Sexual and Reproductive Health

    • Sexual Behaviour in Adolescence
    • Sexual Assault in Young People
    • Sexually Transmitted Infections in Young People
    • Contraception
    • Teenage Parents
    • Adolescent Gynaecology
    • Preventing Pregnancy

    Module 10: Self-harm and Common Mental Problems

    • Mental Health and Well-being in Adolescence
    • Introduction to Self-harm
    • The Assessment and Management of Self-harm
    • The Assessment of Common Mental Health Problems
    • Recognising Common Mental Health Problems
    • Manage