Certificate Course in Renal Nutrition


  • Comprehensive coverage of nutrition in renal diseases
  • Designed by nutrition experts managing nephrology cases
  • Learn the skills and approach to nutrition counseling in patients with CKD
  • Total 45 hours of learning content

Key Features

  • Gain an overview of causes of malnutrition and nutrition related problems in CKD
  • Learn to perform screening of nutritional status in those with kidney disease
  • Get knowledge of renal-specific nutritional guidelines, treatment protocols and practice tips
  • Learn practical aspects of diet therapy in patients on dialysis

Course Description

Chronic kidney disease CKD is associated with significant morbidity, mortality and economic burden in India. Management of the nutritional aspects of CKD is associated with numerous challenges. Malnutrition is a common problem in patients with CKD, especially in those undergoing maintenance dialysis and reported prevalence rates of 18 – 75%. 

The Certificate Course in Renal Nutrition will provide comprehensive coverage to nutritional challenges seen in kidney diseases and their management. You will learn about nutritional screening and assessment in CKD, methods to improve nutritional status, oral nutritional consideration, need for oral nutritional supplements, enteral feeding, Parenteral nutrition and management of other issues in renal diseases. Apart from reading materials, there will be lecture sessions by nutrition experts handling patients with renal disease.

    Certificate Course in Renal Nutrition


    • 1.Physiology and Metabolism

      • Renal anatomy
      • Renal physiology
      • Kidney diseases
      • Protein energy wasting in CKD

      2.Nutritional Screening and Assessment

      • CKD stages 3-5
      • In Dialysis Patients
      • Acute kidney injury patients

      3.Medical Nutrition Therapy in Kidney Disease

      • Rationale
      • Nutrient and Fluid requirements
      • Diets and Enteral supplements
      • Enteral feeding in CKD patients
      • Other nutritional interventions
      • Special challenges