Advanced Certificate in Critical Care Medicine – 2021 Edition

  • 2021 Edition redesigned to enhance learner engagement
  • Self-learning and online assessments
  • Video-based learning strategy designed for effective learning
  • Live virtual classes with critical care specialists
  • Total 150  hours of learning content
  • Downloadable video transcripts to complement the videos


Key Features

  • Learn the administrative and operational aspects of the critical care unit
  • Gain the resuscitation skills required to save lives in the ICU
  • Know the investigations crucial in intensive care settings and their interpretation
  • Learn to use various pharmacological agents effectively in the ICU


Course Description

The intensive care unit (ICU) is an area specialized where skilled personnel and sophisticated equipment are readily available to manage critically ill patients. It is the most expensive, technologically advanced and resource-intensive area of medical care. Current trend is that the departments of anesthesia and internal medicine share the responsibility of managing these beds. There is a strong demand to increase the ICU beds in all hospitals due to rise in aging population and increasing burden of diseases. However, there is a paucity of trained specialists in critical care medicine. Some reports suggest that by 2020, there will likely be a 35% shortage in critical care doctors.

The 2020 Edition of the Certificate in Critical Care Medicine is designed to address this acute shortage of trained professionals to manage critical care units. It will impart the knowledge and skills needed to provide critical care to patients admitted in the ICU.

This course will introduce you to the functioning of the ICU. You will learn the key skills required for resuscitation and initial management of acute ill patients. This session will also cover the key investigations ordered in the ICU and their interpretation. You will gain practical knowledge about the use of fluids, blood products and drugs in the ICU. In addition, you will learn to manage some common problems seen in the ICU such as acid base and electrolyte abnormalities.

Apart from the learning materials, experts in critical care medicine will share their experience and tips through webinars (Live virtual classes). All the learning materials and assessments will be online. On successful completion, you will be awarded the Certificate in Critical Care Medicine – 2021 Edition



      Advanced Certificate in Critical Care Medicine

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      • 1. Introduction to critical care medicine
        2. Resuscitation and initial management of acutely ill
        3. Shock management
        4. ICU investigations
        5. Acid base abnormalities
        6. Electrolyte abnormalities
        7. Nutritional assessment and support
        8. ICU drugs
        9. Blood and blood products,

        +procedural competencies related to resuscitation, airway management, ventilator support, and other respiratory procedures+procedural skills required in the ICU