Certification in Diabetic Nutrition 2020 Edition

  • Designed by Clinical nutrition experts managing diabetes cases
  • Based on international best practice guidelines in diabetes nutrition
  • Comprehensive coverage of medical nutrition therapy for diabetes
  • Total 5 hours of learning content

Key Features

  • Understand the concept of glycemic response and its application in nutrition therapy
  • Apply nutritional therapy recommendations for various types of diabetes
  • Learn about meal-planning approaches and their benefits and disadvantages
  • Become enabled to provide nutrition education to diabetes patients


    Course Description

    In the contemporary world, diabetes is considered as one of the leading causes of mortality. Nutrition has an important role to play in the management of diabetes. Medical nutrition therapy is an integral component of diabetes management and diabetes self-management education (DSME). Many patients with diabetes get inadequate education about nutrition from doctors. Also, many medical practitioners and dieticians give dietary recommendations that have no supporting evidence. Therefore, there is a need for an education program that will provide healthcare professionals with the knowledge required to deliver evidence-based nutritional interventions to diabetes patients.

    The Certificate in Diabetes Nutrition, 2020 Edition course will help clinicians and dieticians to increase awareness on the principles of nutrition therapy, and diet plans for diabetes patients. The course will provide you with knowledge on how to create beneficial nutritional interventions by combining evidence-based recommendations and considering the individual’s cultural, ethnic background, and personal preferences. Guidelines recommend that a knowledgeable and skilled dietician should be primarily involved in nutrition therapy in diabetes. The course is therefore open to doctors, nurses, dieticians, physician assistants, and educators.

      Certification in Diabetic Nutrition

      • Module 1 – Introduction to Diabetes.

        Module 2 – Medical Nutrition Therapy.

        Module 3 – Diet Planning.

        Module 4 – Nutrition in Special populations with diabetes.

        Module 5 -Nutrition in diabetes related complications.

        Module 6 –Nutrition recommendations for prevention of diabetes.