Clinical Fellowship in Dementia :


  • 3 months online
  • Suitable for all health and social care workers globally
  • Improve your knowledge and skills in dementia care
  • by Oxford international Academy

Clinical Fellowship in Dementia covers the knowledge and skills needed to deliver individual, compassionate care to people living with dementia. It is suitable for nurses, healthcare assistants, doctors and domestic/clerical staff who work anywhere in the world.

A high-quality dementia course for practitioners globally

The programme explores a range of topics, including:

  • understanding dementia
  • supporting people to live well with the condition
  • communicating with people affected by dementia
  • supporting families
  • end-of-life care

Clinical Fellowship in Dementia focuses in particular on the psychological and social aspects of the condition. It features many video interviews involving people dealing with dementia, which provide valuable insights into the condition. Interactive exercises also allow you to reflect on the learning and consider the role you can play in improving dementia care.

. The authors are all experts in adult learning theory.

Easy online access

Clinical Fellowship in Dementia is accessible online so you can study at your own pace and fit the training around your busy working life.

Clinical Fellowship in Dementia

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    Clinical Fellowship in Dementia programme is arranged into two modules, which are divided up into smaller learning sessions. Each session takes around 20 minutes to complete.

    Module 1: Introduction to Living with Dementia

    Module 1 is aimed at raising greater awareness about dementia for all people working in the health and social care sectors, including non-clinical staff. This is particularly useful for induction training or as a basis for more advanced training.

    This module focuses on:

    • Dementia awareness
    • Person-centred dementia care

    Module 2: Enabling People to Live Well with Dementia

    Module 2 is aimed at people who have daily contact with people affected by dementia. This includes nurses, healthcare assistants, doctors and allied health professionals.


    This module explores:

    • Dementia identification, assessment and diagnosis
    • Dementia risk, reduction and prevention
    • Communication, interaction and behaviour in dementia care
    • Health and well-being in dementia care
    • Pharmacological interventions in dementia care
    • Living well with dementia and promoting independence
    • Families and carers as partners in dementia care
    • Equality, diversity and inclusion in dementia care
    • Law, ethics and safeguarding in dementia care
    • End of life dementia care
    • Research and evidence-based practice in dementia
    • Leadership in transforming dementia care