The Criminology Advanced Diploma has been produced to increase your knowledge of the Criminal Justice system in the UK.


12 months expert tutor support   /  24 hour access /Awarding body NCFE/

Fully accredited course /Online

Course introduction

The aim of this course is to introduce learners to criminology as an area of study that tries to address the questions raised and to explore many key debates within criminology. This includes examining theoretical debates about the causes of crime and criminal behaviour and both historical and contemporary ideas about dealing with crime.

The course looks at persistent crime problems – such as youth crime, drugs, violence, and anti-social behaviour – and how they have been dealt with. Its aim is to develop an understanding of controversies around the causes of crime and criminal behaviour, and consider how theoretical and practical ideas about crime lead to crime and criminal justice policy.

This is a level 4 customised qualification, providing essential knowledge of the principles of criminology and the study of crime and justice. In addition to providing knowledge and understanding of the core principles of criminology, the course encourages progression by helping learners to acquire the skills and knowledge needed for further study of specialist crime and justice topics at level 4.

You may already hold firm views about crime and criminal behaviour, although the course does not assume that you have any recent experience of studying crime. While the aim of this course is not necessarily to challenge your existing views, it may introduce you to new ways of looking at crime problems and debates taking place around crime and criminal behaviour. By studying criminology, you will develop a new language designed to cope with the study of crime and criminal behaviour. You will also gain a greater understanding of crime problems in contemporary Britain.

Criminology Advanced Diploma

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  • No previous knowledge required, however this course can be studied as a progression route from our current Level 3 Criminology Diploma.