Down's Syndrome Awareness Diploma Course ( 6 months (Online))

  • 6 months, online
  • CPD Hours:150

The Down's Syndrome Awareness Diploma Course provides an overview of the characteristics and causes of Down's syndrome, together with practical, up-to-date information about the challenges people with this diagnosis face throughout their lives. Individuals with this condition can lead fuller, healthier lives than was previously possible. This is partly thanks to the increased awareness and support structures that you will learn about in the course.

The Down's Syndrome Awareness Diploma Course outlines the physical and mental characteristics of the condition and explains the causes, risk factors, medical complications that can occur, and how it is diagnosed.

You’ll learn how to support someone with Down's Syndrome throughout their lives, as you explore how their needs change as they grow and develop. The course guides you through this, step-by-step, starting with the sometimes-controversial issue of prenatal testing for the condition, which explains the test and the ethical issues that surround it.

In addition to the usual needs of babies and young children, those with Down's syndrome face specific issues, such as problems with digestion and temperature regulation. There is also a degree of learning disability, so babies with Down's syndrome will experience developmental delays. You’ll learn how parents can overcome their anxieties and raise healthy, happy children.

Early intervention and support are key to help a child with Down's syndrome to reach their full potential. Through studying the Down's Syndrome Awareness Diploma Course, you will discover the support available to children and their families and the difference it can making in preparing them for school, engaging in relationships, and understanding the world around them.

As children with Down's syndrome move into adolescence, again they have the same issues as typical teenagers, though they may require more assistance in understanding the changes they are going through. You’ll learn how to prepare a teenager to deal with the activities of adult life, including further education, forming relationships, and engaging in safe sex.

A big part of every child’s life is education. You’ll learn what to consider when deciding on the right kind of schooling for a child with Down's syndrome, how they can be assisted in reaching their goals in the various stages of their education, and the qualifications available to them.

Further to this, you will explore the benefits of work, how to find suitable positions, and the kind of reasonable adjustments that a workplace can make in order to accommodate the needs of those with Down's syndrome. The Down's Syndrome Awareness Diploma Course explains how equal opportunities legislation applies to those with learning disabilities and the specialist work schemes that aim to match people with suitable employers.

Just as there is educational support for people with Down's syndrome, there is also support available for those who decide to move out of their family home. You’ll learn about the supported living options available, what they involve, and how the transition from the family home to a new residence is managed.

An increasing number of people with Down's syndrome are living into their sixties and seventies. The Down's Syndrome Awareness Diploma Course considers the challenges being faced by this group and the practical interventions that may be necessary, along with how these interventions may have to be administered.

Down's Syndrome Awareness Diploma Course

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