ECO Subject 3: Doppler Echocardiography

The ECO subject 3 introduces Doppler Echocardiography to complement basic transthoracic echocardiography imaging and follows on from the learning in subject 1, and assumes the knowledge acquired so far. The focus is on quantification and measurement in echocardiography, particularly with the use of Doppler. More advanced applications of Doppler are covered in later subjects in the level 2 course. One of the advanced learning applications of this course is the ability to practice doing measurements on the images. We supply Synapse Cardiovascular viewing software, kindly supplied by Fujifilm. This program allows you to view the DICOM images in the same quality as the echocardiography machine, and to perform measurements on the images. The first tutorial of subject 3 will show you how to use the software to perform measurements.

You will then work through several building block tutorials on the basics of blood flow, principles of Doppler, basic measurement techniques, and understanding colour flow Doppler. You will then learn how to use Doppler to assess systolic function, and help grade valve lesions. This is reinforced with 13 TTE and 15 TEE case studies to practice on. In each of the case studies, you’re presented with a scenario and the images. You then interpret the images including doing measurements and complete a report. You compare your report against the experts report, and then review a summary of key findings.

The course instruction builds upon previous knowledge so it is best to complete the subjects in order. For the ECO certification, all subjects ECO 1 – 4 need to be completed and satisfactorily passed.

This is an online course. Upon receipt of payment, the student will receive a “Getting Started” email with instructions on how to access the course materials.

Course materials can be downloaded to iPad, Android or Windows tablets or can be accessed online using a browser.


  • How to use ProSolv Introduction Guide
  • Principles of Blood Flow
  • Principles of Doppler, and Image Stabilisation
  • Basic Doppler Measurement Techniques
  • Color Flow Doppler
  • Doppler Assessment of Systolic Function
  • Using Doppler to help Grade Valve Lesion

ECO Subject 3: Doppler Echocardiography

    • 7 Tutorials