ECO Subject 4: Ventricular Function


The ECO subject 4 follows on from the knowledge obtained in subject 1 and 3, and is focused on the assessment of ventricular function using echocardiography. You start with a couple of building block tutorials on the cardiac cycle and left ventricular systolic function pathophysiology. This is followed by tutorials on the evaluation of left ventricular systolic and diastolic function, right ventricle systolic function and atrial function and pressure estimation. There is a tutorial on the management of diastolic function, and another on basic congenital heart disease. The subject is completed with a further 40 TTE and 15 TEE case studies. At the end of subject 4, and the successful completion of all assessments including the examinations, level 1 will be complete.

The course instruction builds upon previous knowledge so it is best to complete the subjects in order. For the ECO certification, all subjects ECO 1 – 4 need to be completed and satisfactorily passed.

This is an online course. Upon receipt of payment, the student will receive a “Getting Started” email with instructions on how to access the course materials.

Students have the flexibility to study in their own time and location. Program materials can be accessed through the iTeachU app on smartphones and tablets with iOS, Android or Windows systems. Once the program materials have been downloaded on smartphones and tablets, all the interactive media content can be viewed even when offline (however internet access is required periodically to login or re-verify login credentials).  Program materials can also be accessed online using a web browser.


  • The Cardiac Cycle
  • Left Ventricular Systolic Function Pathophysiology
  • Evaluation of Left Ventricular Function
  • Right Ventricular Systolic Function
  • Right Ventricular Function Evaluation
  • Atrial Function and Pressure Estimation
  • Diastolic Function Pathophysiology
  • Assessment of Diastolic Function
  • Management of Diastolic Function
  • Basic Congenital Heart Disease

ECO Subject 4: Ventricular Function

    • 10 Tutorials