Master in Cardiology

Learn about Basics, Investigations & Cardiological Diseases | 1 Year | 


  • 300 hours of learning content - flexible you can begin any time 
  • Case-study based assessment


Key Features

Master in Cardiology is designed in such a way that it will help medical providers to enhance their basic knowledge related to cardiovascular diseases and upscale themselves to manage and treat the disease. The program would be helpful for those who are willing to or are already working in Cardiology department and are willing to upgrade their knowledge and skills in treating the patients with cardiological disorders.


Master in Cardiology

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  • Course Content

    Module 1 – Basics of Cardiology

    • Lecture1.1 Cardiovascular Physiology & Anatomy
    • Lecture1.2 Understanding of Heart Diseases
    • Lecture1.3 Identification of Risk Factors
    • Lecture1.4 Lifestyle Factors – Nutrition & Health

    Module 2 – Diagnostic Investigations of Cardiology

    • Lecture2.1 Chest Pain Assessment
    • Lecture2.2 ECHO & Stress ECHO
    • Lecture2.3 Electrocardiography
    • Lecture2.4 Coronary Angiography
    • Lecture2.5 Carotid Ultrasound
    • Lecture2.6 Chest X-Ray
    • Lecture2.7 Intravascular Ultrasound
    • Lecture2.8 MRI
    • Lecture2.9 Nuclear Heart Scan

    Module 3 – Heart Diseases

    • Lecture3.1 Ischemic Heart Disease (Angina, Coronary Artery, Heart attack)
    • Lecture3.2 Cerebrovascular Disease (Cerebral, Stroke, Transient Ischemic attack)
    • Lecture3.3 Peripheral Vascular Disease
    • Lecture3.4 Heart Failure
    • Lecture3.5 Rheumatic Heart Disease (Rheumatic & Valvular)
    • Lecture3.6 Congenital Heart Disease
    • Lecture3.7 Hypertensive Heart Disease (Aneurysm, Hypertension, Peripheral arterial)
    • Lecture3.8 Inflammatory Heart Disease (Cardiomyopathy, Pericardial, Valvular)

    Module 4 – Preventive Cardiology

    • Lecture4.1 Health behaviors & Psychology
    • Lecture4.2 Lifestyle changes & Diet Management
    • Lecture4.3 ACLS, BLS & CPR