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This Forensic Psychology Level 3 Diploma looks at the assessment and treatment of criminal behaviour, including profiling and criminal investigations. 

Forensic psychologists work with a range of people including prisoners, offenders, and victims of crimes. They also work with a variety of agencies within the judicial, penal and reform system. 

If you want to help offenders and prisoners make positive changes, this customised qualification is an ideal starting point.

This Level 3 forensic psychology online course provides and broad overview of the use of psychological principles to understand the behaviour of offenders. It also offers an outline of the value of forensic psychology in the detection of crime. You can study this course in one of two ways – either online or as a paper-based course.

Forensic psychology courses online require you to commit to studying 15 well-written and engaging modules.

The course covers aspects such as;

  • An overview of research methods
  • The psychology behind violent crime and serial killers
  • Examining crime and addiction, substance misuse etc. in relation to criminal behaviour
  • As child abuse cases and the evidence of children
  • Criminal responsibility and issues around mental health

The final few modules of the course look at the police, their recruitment and training methods as well the psychological stress that officers face.

As with all highly valued forensic psychology distance learning courses, the assessment process is rigorous. Research-based learning activities contribute to 70% of the assessment process.

The final module requires the student to complete a research assignment. With the support of your tutor, however, these assignments will be completed and you will be yet another successful student of this engaging course.

What happens after completing a Forensic Psychology level 3 Diploma?

Many students use the certificate to upskill in their current role, whilst other students explore new careers within the police, probation service and so on.

After gaining your certificate, you may consider completing an online forensic psychology degree. Other NCC students remain with us, going on to complete specialist courses within the field of criminology and psychology.

Online courses are flexible, allowing you to manage your own learning, choosing when to complete the course and how to study. You take the course at your own pace. Home learning is a respected method of gaining more qualifications and skills.

Enrol on the Forensic Psychology Level 3 Diploma today – and start an exciting new journey. 

Forensic Psychology Level 3 Online

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  • There is no previous learning knowledge or experience needed to enrol on to this programme. This makes our Forensic Psychology course easily accessible to anyone who would like to learn more about this subject area.