Master of General Medicine UK


  • by Oxford international academy
  • Length :12 months  ( online)
  • Education level :Master's degree
  • Open for international candidates 
  • In partnership with: RCGP


Build your knowledge and skills to be a caring, competent doctor

Master of General Medicine is a high-quality educational resource that is suitable for General practitioners or family medicine practitioners working anywhere in the world. The content is relevant to fully qualified practitioners and trainees.


Master of General Medicine covers all aspects of primary care, from pregnancy through to palliative care, intellectual disabilities, trauma, consulting skills, clinical supervision and physical examinations. You can select learning sessions that are particularly relevant to your needs and return to the material as many times as needed.

Written by clinicians for clinicians

Written by leading clinical experts in the UK, the content includes many interactive features, including animations, videos and case studies, which help to reinforce learning and understanding. Self-assessment questions also test your knowledge of key concepts.

You can use this online training for general reference, to fill in knowledge gaps, prepare for assessments and appraisals, and to refresh and expand your knowledge.

High-quality training for doctors

Master of General Medicine has been developed in the UK by the Royal College of General Practitioners and Health Education England e-Learning for Healthcare. The content is available online so you can study at your own pace and fit the e-learning around your busy life.

Master of General Medicine UK

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    • Being a General Practitioner (GP)
    • The GP Consultation in Practice
    • Patient Safety and Quality of Care
    • The GP in the Wider Professional Context
    • Enhancing Professional Knowledge      
    • Promoting Health and Preventing Disease
    • Healthy People
    • Genetics in Primary Care
    • Care of Acutely Ill People
    • Care of Children and Young People
    • Care of Older Adults
    • Women’s Health
    • Sexual Health
    • End of Life Care
    • Care of People with Intellectual Disability
    • Care of People who Misuse Drugs and Alcohol
    • Care of People with Ear, Nose, Throat, Oral and Facial Problems
    • Care of People with Eye Problems        
    • Care of People with Metabolic Problems
    • Care of People with Musculoskeletal Problems              
    • Physical Examinations