Master of Science  in Endodontics and Clinical Endodontics


-by Oxford international Academy 

The Master of Science (MSc) courses in Endodontics and Clinical Endodontics are perfect for dentists keen to increase the range of endodontic options they offer. The course aims to prepare you for practice, with the theoretical knowledge and expertise you need to confidently treat the most challenging and endodontically compromised teeth.

Master of Science  in Endodontics and Clinical Endodontics

£5,000.00 Regular Price
£600.00Sale Price
  • Taught by renowned academics and experts in the field, you will learn how to use advanced technologies through a range of innovative methods. You will be exposed to an intensive mix of lectures, seminars and practical workshops (blended and full-time courses) using advanced microscopes, piezo-electric techniques, as well as other contemporary ways of managing endodontic problems. You will also have the opportunity to discuss with peer students from other courses for a multidisciplinary approach and develop sound judgement based on evidence.