• Masterclass in Clinical Nutrition

    Designed by experts in the field of nutrition and dietetics Structured to provide comprehensive coverage of all aspects of nutrition in three levelsTotal 100  Hours of Learning Content


Key Features


  • Understand the relationship between dietary habits and various diseases
  • Learn the best practices of medical nutrition therapy for different patients
  • Apply evidence based nutrition recommendations for different conditions
  • Conduct patient assessments and develop nutritional treatment protocols for patients


    • The Masterclass in Nutrition and Dietetics is designed with a combined integrative and preventive educational approach to nutrition, health and disease. The course has been structured into three sessions to provide comprehensive knowledge that is required for the student to enter the nutrition industry as a competent beginner level dietician.

      The three sessions of the course will cover various aspects of nutrition and dietetics as highlighted below

      Session 1 – Basic nutrition

      You will learn about

      1. Major nutrients, their properties, functions and important food sources.
      2. Mechanisms of digestion, absorption, and metabolism.
      3. The scientific rationale for the development of dietary guidelines and nutrition policies in healthy individuals and populations.
      4. Methods used to assess nutritional status.
      5. Healthy diet and food choices, and how such choices will help prevent health problems.

      Session 2 – Lifecycle and Wellness nutrition

      You will learn about

      1. Specific nutritional requirements for each stage of the life cycle.
      2. Evaluation of dietary intakes and feeding programs for individuals throughout the life cycle.
      3. How to help clients select a sports diet with the right balance of carbohydrates, proteins, fats          and fluids.
      4. Steps of developing a healthful weight management program for individuals.
      5. Managing people with eating disorders and body image issues.

      Session 3 – Clinical Nutrition

      You will learn about

      1. Application of nutrition principles to disease prevention and treatment.