Masterclass in Hospital Administration    Start Date :Thu 15 Apr 2021

  • 250 Hrs (Learning Content)
  • CPD Hours:250

  • Course Credits:25

  • Academically rigorous and industry-oriented course
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  • Live Lectures with expert faculty from the Healthcare industry
  • Training by industry experts
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Course Description



The Masterclass in Hospital Administration course enable students to acquire conceptual and technical knowledge in management and prepares the student to handle administrative functions in a hospital. Curriculum focuses on core topics like accounting, finance, human resource management, information systems, management, marketing, hospital laws and many more.

This course is aimed at potential graduates who are looking forward to a career in healthcare. Graduates from any discipline are eligible to take this course.

MCHA is an online course that enable students to acquire the competencies required to professionally manage hospitals and provide quality healthcare to the patients.

    Masterclass in Hospital Administration

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    • Module 1 - Principles of Management

        • Process of Management – Introduction to Management, History of Management, Fundamentals of Planning, Organising, Fundamentals of Staffing, Leading, Control System and Process
        • Management of Organizational Behavior – Fundamental Concepts of Organizing, Organizing Process, Organizational Behavior, Motivation and Behavior, Groups in Organization, Committees as an Organizational Tool
        • Material Management – Material Management in Hospitals, Introduction to Inventory Control, Supply Chain Management
        • Human Resource Management – The Nature of Human Resource Management Roles, Performance Appraisal, Recruitment and Selection, Reward Management, Training and Development, Labor Laws, Employee Termination & Separation, Pay Leave & Compensation
        • Operations Management – Operations Management

      Module 2 - Health Economics & Marketing

        • Health & Hospital Economics – Economics in Healthcare, Basics of Hospital Budgeting, Introduction to Health Insurance, Insurance Claims – Life Cycle, Insurance Contracts, Managed Health Care
        • Marketing of Hospital and Health Services – The Role of Marketing in a Modern Era, Patient’s Preference and Choice, Market Segmentation and Target Group, Market Research – An Effective Tool
        • Marketing of Hospital and Health Services – Marketing Strategies, The Pricing Policy, Promotional Policy and Practises, The Marketing Environment
        • Accounting for Hospitals – General Principles of Accounting, Preparation of Financial Statements, Analysis and Interpretation of Financial Statements, Introduction to Cost Accounting

      Module 3 - Hospital Services & Planning

        • Hospital Organization – Hospital as an Organization, Business Communication, Change Management, Conflict Resolution in Hospitals, Time Management, Hospital Committees, Health Education, The Role of Hospital Administrator
        • Hospital Functions and Services – Introduction to Hospital Functions and Services, Emergency Services, Disaster Management, Outpatient Services, Nursing Services, Laboratory Services, The Operating Department, Dietary
        • Hospital Functions and Services – Services, Central Sterilization And Supply Department, Laundry Service, Radiologic Services, Hospital Waste Management, Hospital Hygiene and Infection Control, Public Relations, Safety In Hospitals
        • Hospital Planning – History and Classification of Hospitals, Planning of Hospital, SampleThe Nursing Unit (Ward), Planning of Radiology Departments, Planning of Administrative Departments

      Module 4 - Hospital Information System & Quality Assurance

        • Information Technology in Hospitals – Introduction
        • Quality Assurance in Hospitals – Introduction
        • Techniques of Quality Assurance – Benchmarking, Business Process Reengineering, Plan, Do, Study, Act (PDSA) Methodology, Six Sigma, Quality Circles, Kaizen, Overview of the ISO System, Accreditation in Health Care Organisations
        • Medical Records – Introduction
        • Medical Audit – Introduction
        • Medical Coding – Introduction
        • Hospital Laws – Laws Applicable to Hospitals & Medical Practice
        • Medical Ethics – Laws Applicable to Hospitals & Medical Practice