Online Child & Adolescent Mental Health Fellowship



  • By Oxford International Academy 
  • Relevant to health and social care professionals globally
  • Produced by clinical experts in the UK
  • Dynamic and engaging content, with videos, case studies and questions
  • 6 months ( online)
  • open for international candidates

Mental health disorders are now one of the main healthcare problems across the world.  This programme aims to equip healthcare professionals with vital skills and strategies to help a patient experiencing a mental health problem, such as depression, anxiety or bipolar.

Developed by Oxford international Academy  and various partner organisations, the content has been written and peer-reviewed by leading clinical specialists in the UK. It is relevant to all health and social care practitioners around the world – regardless of specialty or profession. 

Highly interactive learning for practitioners globally

The Mental Health e-Learning Programme features many interactive elements, such as clinical case studies, diagrams and self-assessment questions to help embed learning and foster deeper understanding. 


Online Child & Adolescent Mental Health Fellowship

3 000,00€ Regular Price
200,00€Sale Price
  • 6 months online