Post Graduate Diploma in sexual health and HIV


Online course in Sexual Health And HIV is a high-quality programme for healthcare professionals treating and supporting people with sexually transmitted infections anywhere in the world.

Written by leading experts in the UK, the content is relevant to general practitioners, nurses, pharmacists, health advisors and specialists in genito-urinary medicine and related areas.

A multidisciplinary sexual health course for practitioners globally

You can study a wide range of topics, from HIV testing and management through to genital infestations, viral hepatitis, sexual assault, and bacterial/viral sexually transmitted infections (STIs).

The highly engaging learning content is packed with interactive features, such as case studies, self-assessment exercises and video clips, which help to embed learning and understanding on key themes. The programme has a practical focus, helping you to develop the skills and attitudes for successful practice in this area. It includes a separate learning pathway on BASHH STI Foundation competencies.

the courseI has been developed by the British Association for Sexual Health and HIV, the Royal College of Physicians, the Royal College of Physicians and Surgeons of Glasgow, and the Royal College of Physicians of Edinburgh in collaboration with Health Education England e-Learning for Healthcare ( Partners with Oxford).

Convenient online access

This specialist sexual health training programme is available anywhere, at any time via the Internet. So, you can study at your own pace and fit the e-learning around your busy working life.

Post Graduate Diploma in sexual health and HIV

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  • Main eHIV-STI programme

    • Approach to Patient
    • Pathology
    • Bacterial Sexually Transmitted Infections (STIs) and Related Conditions
    • Genital Ulcer Disease
    • HPV Infection
    • Genital Infestations
    • Viral Hepatitis
    • Sexual Assault/Abuse and Medico-legal Issues
    • Pregnancy and Children/HIV Special Circumstances
    • Vaginal Discharge, Vulvitis and Balanitis
    • HIV Testing and Prophylaxis
    • Specific Assessment and Management of HIV
    • Assessment and Management of Opportunistic HIV Infections
    • System-specific, HIV-associated Conditions
    • HIV-associated Malignancies
    • Public Health
    • Gynaecology for Genito-urinary Medicine

    STIF Learning Pathway sessions

    Introduction to STI Issues

    • Sexual Behaviour and Infection Risk
    • Confidentiality in Sexual Health
    • Working with Young People
    • Chlamydia Screening
    • Consent, Competence and Confidentiality for Under 18s
    • Indicators of Child Sexual Health Abuse and Exploitation
    • Child Sexual Abuse
    • Combating Child Sexual Exploitation

    STI History and Examinations

    • Sexual History
    • Chaperones and Consent
    • Male Genital Examinations
    • Female Genital Examinations
    • Examinations of Extra-genital Sites
    • Clinical Signs in Genitourinary Medicine
    • Screening Asymptomatic Patients
    • Partner Notification When and How
    • HIV Testing

    STI Syndromes

    • Male Urethritis: Diagnosis and Management
    • Chlamydia Trachomatis: Natural History and Management
    • Genital Ulceration: Causes and Investigation
    • Initial and Recurrent Episode Herpes Simplex Virus
    • Genital Lumps
    • Differential Diagnosis of Anogenital Warts
    • Anogenital Warts
    • The Presentation of Infectious Hepatitis
    • STIs in Pregnancy
    • Vaginal Discharge