Post Graduate Program in Infectious Diseases

Start Date : 01 April 2021

  • 100 Hrs (Learning Content)
  • CPD Hours:100
  • Course Credits: 10
  • Webinars by renowned clinicians
  • Understand the principles of infectious disease control
  • 12 months 100 Hrs (Learning Content)

Key Features

  • Exclusive program for MBBS


Course Description

With the spread of COVID-19 disease across the globe, people are turning towards online information on infections caused by coronavirus and other organisms. This elearning course helps doctors and other healthcare professionals to enhance their knowledge on infectious diseases.

This online training also introduces them to the essential aspects of public health control of infectious diseases, including surveillance, screening, epidemiology, vaccination and outbreak control.

This online course is aimed at doctors who would like to improve their skills and enhance their knowledge of covid19 and similar diseases to support the implementation of infectious disease programs caused by coronavirus. Any MBBS graduate registered with a State Medical Council or the Medical council of India (MCI) is eligible to take this course.

This qualification is ideal for healthcare practitioners who are willing to gain a better understanding of the principles of infectious disease control and those who are planning a career either in the field of Infectious diseases or Epidemiology or Public health at large. The students will develop strategies for the control and treatment of infectious diseases, acquiring new knowledge and updating the current expertise.

Post Graduate Program in Infectious Diseases

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  • Module 1 - Introduction to Infectious Diseases

      • Introduction to infectious diseases and epidemiology
      • Surveillance of infectious diseases
      • Outbreak investigation

    Module 2 - Pharmacologic & Non-Pharmacologic Infections

      • Pharmacological interventions for infectious disease control
      • Non pharmacological interventions for infectious

    Module 3 - Vaccinology

      • Introduction of vaccines and vaccine preventable diseases
      • Current challenges to infectious diseases control

    Module 4 - Sexually Transmitted Infections

      • Sexually transmitted infections
      • HIV

    Module 5 - Influenza

      • Influenza

    Module 6 - Tuberculosis

      • Tuberculosis

    Module 7 - Hepatitis


    Module 8 - Epidemic Vector - Borne Diseases

      • Vector borne diseases
      • Food and water borne infections

    Module 9 - Hospital Acquired Infections

      • Hospital acquired infections including NDMA

    Module 10 - Travel Associated Infections

      • Travel associated infections

    Module 11 - Emerging Infectious Diseases

      • Emerging infectious diseases including polio, rabies, encephalitis

    Module 12 - Zoonotic Infections

      • Zoonotic infections