Postgraduate Diploma in Dermatology

  • 270 hours of learning content - flexible you can begin any time 
  • Case-study based assessment


Key Features

  • International Academy- London has developed a Postgraduate Diploma Dermatology to be offered to students from UK and overseas.
  1. The programme has been designed specifically for physicians either already employed or wishing to work in Dermatology.
  2. The course runs over approximately a year. .
  3. The course integrates several components of learning. There are reading topics available on-line. Understanding of these core topics is assessed through a series of online Higher Order Thinking Questions.
  4. The reading topics cover the essential elements in developing core knowledge and skills in Dermatology.



Postgraduate Diploma in Dermatology

  • There are 3 modules comprising Postgraduate Diploma level award.

    Postgraduate Diploma comprises Modules 1, 2 and 3

    Module 1: Core generic knowledge & skills

    • Determinants of health
    • Lifestyle factors in health
    • Identification of risk factors
    • Nutrition and health
    • Breaking bad news

    Module 2: Advances in Dermatology

    Topics include:

    • Structure and Function of Skin, Terminology & Introduction to the diagnosis of skin diseases, Eczema including Hand Dermatitis and Allergy testing, Psoriasis, Acne and Rosacea, Infective skin conditions (Parasitic, Fungal, Bacterial, Viral – including HIV), Systemic Disease and the Skin (including connective tissue diseases, Vasculitis, leg ulcers, Necrobiotic disorders), Treatment of skin disease and psychological aspects, Management of the itchy patient, Benign and malignant skin tumours (including malignant melanoma and lymphoma), Blistering disorders, Birthmarks naevi and other genetic skin disorders, Nail and hair disorders, Other skin disorders (Drug eruptions, urticaria, lichen planus)

    Module 3: Clinical Practice in Dermatology

    Clinical skills related to the following procedures. These are presented as a series of specially selected key video clips to enable you to understand the procedure and the steps required. Assessment of clinical skill competency is not within the remit of this award. You are strongly recommended to access hands-on clinical sessions with a local clinical specialist to further enhance your skills outside of the programme.

    • Describe skin lesions
    • Take scrapings for mycology
    • Take nail clippings for mycology
    • Use of Woods light
    • Detect scabies infection
    • Distinguish scaring and non-scarring alopecia