Postgraduate Diploma Diabetes & Endocrinology :


  • 280 hours of learning content - flexible you can begin any time 
  • Case-study based assessment


3 good reasons to study the Postgraduate Diploma Diabetes and Endocrinology:


  • Our course equips you with the necessary theory and skills to develop mastery in the clinical and service aspects of diabetes
  • You’ll have greater confidence and knowledge to better manage your patients. You’ll also be further recognised and appreciated by clinical colleagues, as having a special interest and skill set in diabetes
  • You’ll have the opportunity to meet other doctors and medical staff on the course – from the UK and worldwide – building your international network


Postgraduate Diploma Diabetes & Endocrinology online

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  • Diabetes is one of the most rapidly growing areas of clinical concern. It’s estimated that 422 million people are living with diabetes worldwide in 2014 (up from 108 million in 1980). Diabetes affects around 1 in 11 of the world’s adult population, yet only 50% of people with diabetes are diagnosed. By 2045, it’s estimated 629 million people will be living with diabetes worldwide (European Society of Cardiology 2019). As a consequence, there’s a growing demand for healthcare professionals with expertise in diagnosing and treating diabetes. Our Postgraduate Diploma Diabetes and Endocrinology programme is designed specifically for primary care physicians. It builds on your existing knowledge, skills and experiences to develop mastery in the clinical and service aspects of diabetes. Our participants gain the skills to be at the leading edge of healthcare practitioners in meeting this global challenge.

    Our Diploma programmes benefit greatly from the diversity of our international participants and our world-class experts who design and facilitate our programmes.