Postgraduate Diploma in Geriatric Medicine

  •  Start Date :  12 May 2021
  • 290 hours of learning content 
  • CPD Hours:290
  • Course Credits: 29
  • Case-study based assessment


Key Features

The Postgraduate Diploma in Geriatric Medicine programme is designed specifically for clinicians to build on their existing knowledge, skills and experience and develop mastery in the clinical and service aspects of Care of the Older Person.

  • Oxford International Academy -London has developed a Postgraduate Diploma Geriatric Medicine to be offered to students from the UK and overseas.
  • The programme has been designed specifically for clinicians working in General and Geriatric Medicine.
  • The course integrates several components of learning. There are core reading topics. Understanding of these core topics is assessed through a series of online Higher Order Thinking Questions.

Postgraduate Diploma in Geriatric Medicine online uk

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  • Postgraduate Diploma comprises Modules 1, 2 and 3

    Module 1: Core generic knowledge & skills

    • Determinants of health
    • Lifestyle factors in health
    • Identification of risk factors
    • Nutrition and health
    • Breaking bad news.

    Module 2: Advances in Geriatric Medicine

    Topics include:

    Examination of key organ systems (cardiovascular, respiratory, neurological, dermatological, gastrointestinal, urogenital); Ageing (demography, cultural aspects, normal and prescribing); Emergencies; dangerous diagnoses; ABCD symptoms; Urgent mental health disorders; Health checks; Nutrition & diet in the elderly; Activity & exercise; Arrhythmias; Relationships/sexual activity; Tremors/Parkinsons disease; Diabetes; Coronary artert disease; Heart failure; Stroke management; Respiratory diseases; Chronic kidney failure; Falls; End of life/palliative care; Acute confusion/delirium; Dementia; Diarrhoea/constipation; Continence; Hearing loss/aids; Vertigo & tinnitus; Thyroid disease; Menopause & HRT; Osteoporosis; Gout/pseudogout; BPH/Lower Urinary Tract symptoms; UTIs; Depression/anxiety; Vulval disease; Eye disorders; Cardiac pacing; Anaemia; Obstructive Sleep Apnoea; Insomnia/poor sleep; Leg ulcers; Pressure sores; GIT disorders in the elderly.

    Module 3: Clinical Practice in Geriatric Medicine

    Clinical skills related to the following procedures. These are presented as a series of specially selected key video clips to enable you to understand the procedure and the steps required. Assessment of clinical skill competency is not within the remit of this award. You are strongly recommended to access hands-on clinical sessions with a local clinical specialist to further enhance your skills outside of the programme.

    • ECG: perform and interpret
    • CVS examination, Cardiac murmurs, Jugular venous pulse
    • Blood pressure measurement, Cardioversion, Heart failure
    • Basic respiratory tests, Peak flow, nebuliser use
    • Urinalysis
    • Positional testing & Epley
    • Passing a urinary catheter
    • Pressure sores, Lower Limb ulcers
    • Musculoskeletal GALS assessment
    • DEXA interpretation
    • Assessing a confused patient
    • GDS (Geriatric Depression Scale)