Postgraduate Diploma in Urology :

  • 320 hours of learning content - flexible you can begin any time 
  • CPD :320 hours
  • Case-study based assessment


3 good reasons to study the Postgraduate Diploma Urology:

  • Our course equips you with the necessary theory and skills to develop mastery in the clinical and service aspects of Urology
  • You’ll have greater confidence and knowledge to better manage your patients. You’ll also be further recognised and appreciated by clinical colleagues, as having a special interest and skill set in Urology
  • You’ll have the opportunity to meet other doctors and medical staff on the course – from the UK and worldwide – building your international network


Programme Outline
Our programme has been designed specifically for Primary Care Physicians and other healthcare professionals working in Urology, to gain experience in the management of clinical and service aspects of urology. Our programme is learning experience is tailored to suit your individual preferences. The diploma requires you to complete 3 modules:

Module 1: Core generic knowledge & skills
Module 2: Advances in Urology
Module 3: Clinical Practice in Urology

Postgraduate Diploma in Urology online

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  • Module 1: Core generic knowledge & skills

    We’ll cover a variety of background factors influencing urological conditions. This includes determinants of health, lifestyle factors in health, identifying risk factors and nutrition and health. We’ll also cover how to break bad news, which is essential in helping you manage your patients effectively.

    Module 2: Advances in Urology

    In this module, we go deeper into the subject of Urology, giving you detailed understanding. Topics include the examination of the urine, urological emergencies, assessment of renal function, imaging in urology, urinary tract infection, haematuria, assessment of urinary incontinence, male infertility, PSA screening, BPH/LUTS, prostate cancer, acute retention, the overactive bladder, female stress incontinence, urinary stones, erectile dysfunction, genitoscrotal surgery, bladder cancer, renal cancer, testicular/penile cancer, paediatric urology, the neuropathic bladder, urological pain and reconstructive surgery.

    Module 3: Clinical Practice in Urology

    Here we cover clinical skills related to diagnosis, monitoring,  tests and clinical examination, such as:

    • Examination of the male external genitalia
    • Examination of the female external genitalia
    • Clinical Abdominal examination
    • Digital rectal examination of the prostate (DRE)
    • Interpret trans-abdominal ultrasound of the bladder and prostate
    • Urine flow rate: how to measure and interpret
    • Uretheral catheterisation
    • Intra-cavernosal injection