Specialist Certificate Course in Medication Safety

  • Designed by experts in the field of Medication Safety
  • Based on international best practice guidelines
  • Total 70  hours of learning content

Key Features


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  • Access content online and through virtual classes
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  • Study in your own time and access the resources 24/7

Course Description

A medication safety incident is defined as an unexpected or unintended incident which could have, or which did lead to any harm to one or more patients. Medication safety incidents can occur at any stage of the process involved in the delivery of medicines to patients. These stages could range from prescribing medications (which includes transcribing or the physicians ordering medicines), dispensing, preparation, administration and monitoring of the medications. Similarly, in the ambulatory settings, the patients who are the ultimate users of drugs can also make errors at any stage of medicine use. The outcomes of the errors may range from mild inconvenience to the patient to even fatal toxic reactions. Therefore, methods need to be employed to detect the occurrence of such errors.

    Specialist Certificate Course in Medication Safety

    • The Learning Objectives of this course are to:

      • Define and articulate the terminology and the main concepts in the context of medication safety
      • Describe WHO’S Third Global Challenge
      • Describe strategies to evaluate the effectiveness of policies that are designed to improve medication safety
      • Outline the risks and benefits of technology on medication
      • Describe how to involve regulative authority and pharmaceutical industry for medication safety.
      • Articulate key approaches for addressing prescribing and dispensing errors
      • List out few strategies to handle high-risk medicines to improve medication safety
      • Define medication reconciliation