Terms and Conditions

Course Terms and Conditions 2020-21

International Academy for Advanced courses

Please read this document carefully. It contains important information about your contract with the University.

The courses are intended for adults. This generally means that learners who are not members of the University must be at least 18 years old when they start the course. Applicants who are of school age should pursue other options .

Contract with the Academy

1. The purpose of these Terms and Conditions is to set out the contractual basis for your relationship with the Academy and to draw your attention to key terms.

2. Your contract with the Academy is made up of:
a. these Terms and Conditions,
b. the course description on the course web page, which is available through https://www.oxfordintac.co.uk/all-courses.
c. the confirmation of your place from the Language Centre,

3. You will enter into this contract with the University even if your fees are paid by a third party on your behalf.
University Statutes, Regulations and Policies

4. By paying your fees you agree to comply with the University’s Statutes and Regulations as amended from time to time and with the Statements and Codes of Policy, Practice and Procedure which are made under them. These include the University’s Code of Discipline, and other regulations concerning your studies, conduct and behaviour including regulations relating to harassment, the use of IT facilities, health and safety issues and legislative requirements such as data protection.

5. You may be removed or suspended from the course if the University considers that you are in breach of any of these rules, including the Code of Discipline.

6. Regular attendance is vital in order to make progress with your course and your Language Centre tutor must be notified of any absence from your class, preferably by email.

Fees and Payment

6. If your course is due to start within 14 days of payment and you then wish to cancel after your course has started, you will be required to pay for any part of your course that has taken place before you gave notice of cancellation, whether or not you have attended. This amount will be calculated on a pro rata basis and no administration fee will be charged.

7. To cancel within 14 days please inform us by emailing support@oxfordintac.co.uk. Please write the name of your course in the subject line of your email. Members of the University with an Oxford Single Sign On account must also cancel their place in the online course booking system CoSy (to do this, go to the My Courses tile). 

8. If you fail to attend the first two classes of a term without notifying the Academy, you will be considered to have withdrawn and your place may be offered to a person on the waiting list. If you do not attend three consecutive classes over the course of the term, it will be assumed that you wish to withdraw from the course and your record will be officially withdrawn from our register.

Cancellation by us

11. Where there are good reasons to do so, the University may cancel your course and will make every reasonable effort to give you as much notice of cancellation as possible. The University will refund all fees paid by you and will endeavour to offer a transfer to another course as an alternative, subject to payment or refund of any difference in purchase price.

12. The University’s liability when it cancels a course will be limited to a refund of any fees or charges paid for the cancelled course. For partial cancellation of a course, such refunds will be made on a proportionate basis.